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Spread the love you have mixed, measured and poured into your products.

New Food.

We look for food we personally like and we feel we can take to market. We’re particular to passionate producers.

New Markets.

We look for new markets for your foods. We look for placement of your products in place where your product belongs.

New Methods.

We do it all with services and technologies that better connect your product’s story to your new customers.

We love food…

…UNIQUE foods that are made with personal care. Personal Food Systems takes your products to all markets with new data and technology.

Grow Your Market

Brand Strategy and Development

  • Trend and competitive analysis
  • Compliant package design
  • Package submission consulting
  • Channel-specific marketing asset production

Customized Program Development

  • Retail, foodservice, bulk, and private label marketing plans
  • Channel-specific product configuration
  • Incentives and promotions
  • Scalability and sustainability planning

Channel Strategy and Development

  • Marketplace identification and viability
  • Cost of entry negotiation
  • Sales force team recruitment, training, and management

Industry Technology Management

  • Online product data pool management
  • Channel presentation submissions
  • Food-chain compliance
  • E-commerce development and management
  • Targeted online marketing
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Channel Presentation Services

We are the only system to conduct hundreds of live and personal presentations about your food product. We do it all with the same passion and dedication you have for your product!

  • Inform channels about your product

  • Generate new leads

  • Follow up with existing leads

  • Present extensions or merchandising

  • Gather surveys and feedback

  • Set up actions or next steps

Brand Development

The ingredients of effective marketing includes a proper mix of resources. These services provides the right balance of easily organized and managed marketing elements. With these tools, your customers, brokers and consumers can better promote and appreciate your product.

  • Logo Design

  • Brand Identity

  • Copywriting

  • Sell Sheets

  • Photography

  • Label Design

  • Website

  • PPC Advertising

Let’s Talk Now

We’d love to talk about your food, marketing and business.

So contact us! Let’s chat about how we can sell your product through retail markets.



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