Channel Presentation Services 2022-01-03T13:56:45-05:00

You’re here because you have a food product you’re passionate about.

We’re here to open doors and start conversations.

We are the ONLY system to conduct hundreds of LIVE and PERSONAL PRESENTATIONS about your food product.


Channel Presentation Services


Introduce your product to the channels of your choice with our live personal presenters.


Acquaint your existing channels with new information and opportunities. Learn how channels perceive your product.


Set the stage for new actions and next steps for your product.

We work in tandem with your current marketing efforts to:

  • Inform channels about your product

  • Generate new leads

  • Follow up with existing leads

  • Present line extensions or merchandising opportunities

  • Gather surveys and feedback

  • Set up actions or next steps

We do it all with the same passion and dedication you have for your product!